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Holistic Bodywork in Support of Women, Babies, and Children’s Health

Natural health care that can relieve pain & dysfunction, relax, and nurture mind/body wellness

Tammy Mundy, Licensed Massage Therapist in Charlottesville, VA

Tammy Mundy, LMT, CZB, CIMI
Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Certified Zero Balancer ~ Craniosacral Practitioner
Certified Infant Massage Instructor ~ Certified Level 1 Practitioner in Manual Pediatrics (Babies)

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SeaRhythms Healing Arts in Charlottesville, VA 22911When your body or mind is stressed or in pain, bodywork can help.

I offer holistic bodywork for women of all ages (and their children), from the childbearing years to menopause and beyond, who are seeking relief from pain and dysfunction, to lower tension and stress levels, and to feel balanced mentally and physically. I integrate several types of bodywork (described below) to treat the whole person on multiple levels. As a trauma informed therapist, I take care to create a healing space that is safe and supportive of your wellness goals.  

Description of What I Do

Each session is uniquely crafted just for you, and I may integrate any of the following types of bodywork.  I bring all of my knowledge and experience to the table and may also integrate other osteopathic and orthopedic techniques when needed to support you in reaching your wellness goals. 

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Integrated Zero Balancing (ZB):
Using a skilled & precise touch, I assess and treat areas of energetic and structural tension in the body, inviting whole-body relaxation and alignment, with increased vitality. Most clients also go into a deep meditative state of relaxation during the treatment.  After your session you may have better posture, less pain, easier movement, feel lighter, freer, energized and more in tune with yourself.  ZB can be a full body stand-alone session, or I often use it as a base when integrating other therapies, as it has a profound balancing effect that makes any other treatments more effective. Depending on your goals and needs, I may integrate other osteopathic & orthopedic massage techniques, craniosacral therapy, abdominal therapy, or cupping therapy>>read more

Craniosacral Therapy (CST):
When the craniosacral system, which nourishes and protects the central nervous system, is functioning optimally the entire body and mind benefit. Through gentle touch that engages and balances the midline craniosacral system, I support you in slowing down, finding your center, and connecting to your innate health, which allows intelligent somatic processes to arise for healing from the inside out.  I use gentle decompression & unwinding to help release physical restrictions in the system.  I also may use verbal felt-sense awareness and internal imagery techniques to help you become more aware and empowered to release chronic holding patterns, tension, and stress. Clients often report less pain, renewed vitality in their bodies, and even profound inner awakenings. Supports chronic pain relief, personal growth, self healing, and overall wellbeing.    >>read more

Abdominal Therapy:
Mayan Abdominal Massage and visceral mobilization gently treats connective tissue restrictions in the visceral core which can often be the root cause of pain and dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Helps reduce scar tissue and adhesions from surgery, inflammation or injury, can reduce congestion and bloating, helps align spine and pelvis, helps many digestive, urinary, and reproductive issues, can correct hiatal hernias, very helpful for balancing the abdomen after childbirth.  >>read more

Lymphatic & Myofascial Therapy with Massage Cupping:
Massage Cupping is a modern CAM application of ancient cupping practice that is focused on moving fluids (lymphatic drainage and detox) & relieving myofascial restrictions in the body tissues. This therapy often gets impressive and FAST results whenever you have “issues in your tissues.”  It uses negative pressure vacu-therapy massage that is extremely effective, yet generally painless and relaxing.   Depending on the goals for the session, Cupping can be used to reduce water retention and bloating, a comfortable and pleasant deep tissue treatment for fast pain relief, reducing chronic muscular tension, deep adhesions, and for loosening and improving the appearance of scar tissue.  >>read more

Relaxation Massage/ Hot Stone Massage
I do a limited number of full body relaxation massages, with or without hot stones.  A delightful foot massage and complimentary hot towels included in most sessions.  Availability is limited, please email to schedule, do not book online.  <<read more


Prenatal Massage & Bodywork :
 the expecting and recently delivered mother & her baby to help reduce stress and relieve common discomforts experienced during pregnancy.   Moms can choose a ZB/CST session or a Massage/CST session.  May also include a gentle abdominal massage and connecting with baby in-utero, if desired. >>read more

Postpartum Mayan Abdominal Massage for Mom.
Supports recovery and helps return the abdomen to balance after childbirth.  Can also help reduce scar tissue in the case of a caesarian deliver.

FREE Baby CST Session during the first week of life.
Gentle Craniosacral unwinding for baby, to help address challenges that can arise after any birth. If needed, follow up sessions available at regular rates.

Learn Baby Massage.
In-office class for you and up to 2 other caregivers, or you can purchase my online video course (coming soon!) to learn at home.

ZB Kids:
The many micro traumas (falls, bumps, bruises, and emotional upsets) that children tend to accumulate as they grow can easily be balanced with Zero Balancing. They also can learn healthy self awareness of their own bodies and stress levels and how to manage that,

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