Massage Cupping Lymphatic & Myofascial Therapy

Massage Cupping is a modern CAM application of ancient cupping practice that is focused on moving fluids (lymphatic drainage and detox) & relieving myofascial restrictions in the body tissues.  It is the most effective technique I have ever used for helping muscular tension, fascial adhesions, scar tissue, and lymphatic congestion and bloating.

This therapy often gets impressive and FAST results whenever you have “issues in your tissues.”  It uses negative pressure vacu-therapy massage that is extremely effective, yet generally painless and deeply relaxing.

Depending on the goals for the session, Cupping can be used to reduce water retention and bloating, and/or a comfortable and pleasant deep tissue treatment for fast pain relief and reduced muscular tension.  Cupping can quickly loosen deep adhesions from injury or surgery, as well as soften, mobilize, and improve the appearance of scar tissue. Gives dramatic and immediate results even with longstanding conditions and very old scars.

Unlike Tradition Chinese Medicine cupping practices, Massage Cupping does not leave the cups stationary in one place for long periods of time, but instead tends to keep them moving, massaging and dispersing stagnation in the tissues.  Therefore, it does not generally leave dark cupping marks.  Occasionally, when there is a lot of tension and long-standing stagnation in an area, cupping will draw that out and some skin discoloration will occur, but it will normally clear up within a day or two.

Clinical benefits include:

  • reduction of pain & inflammation from injury or chronic conditions;
  • reduced muscle issues & spasms;
  • increased range of movement and flexibility in joints;
  • softens scar tissue and loosens adhesions;
  • moves stagnation and enables normal lymphatic flow;
  • reduces “Solid Bloat”

Can be integrated with other therapies or can be a stand-alone treatment.  Client generally disrobes for this therapy and oils/lotions are used.