Improve the quality of your life physically, emotionally, and mentally!

Save a few dollars and try a package!  See how you feel after five or three sessions.  I think you will like it!  Just scroll down and click the highlighted link below and you will be taken to my secure online store for purchase. Your package will be loaded into your account and is immediately available to use when booking your sessions.

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360 Turn-Around – Five Session Package

How would life be different if you felt better?  Get on the path to actually living that life you imagine.  You could feel significantly better within the five sessions of Integrated Bodywork in the 360 Turn Around package. I’ve done hundreds of sessions with a variety of clients and I have seen all of them improve. Most have experienced a long lasting reversal of symptoms within 3-5 sessions.

Package includes your first 90 min session, plus 4 more 60 min follow-up sessions.  I recommend you use this package for three weekly sessions, and then two biweekly sessions.

Three Follow-up Session Package

May be used for 60 minute follow-up sessions.  Must be used within 6 months.

Pregnancy Massage Packages

Makes a great shower gift!!  May be used for 60 minute pregnancy/postnatal massage sessions.

 Babies & Kids Packages

Must be used within 6 months.